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Everything Starts at Home

Counseling Services

for Families, Couples, Individuals and Teenagers

Counseling Services

Austin, Texas

Change is difficult and it takes courage to seek help. Whether help is needed in relationship issues, marriage counseling, anxiety, trauma, grief, learning coping skills, parenting support, family dynamic issues, divorce, chronic illness/pain, or communication issues. Seeking support is your first step towards growth and healing.

Supporting My Community in Grief & Loss

Death in most families is a difficult subject to tackle. We have even come up with different terms to describe it. Often, you hear people say: "Sorry for your loss, She/he is in a better place, at least she/he is no longer suffering, or it was her/his time to go", etc... People mean well, but what these terms highlight is our own discomfort with handling mortality...


Meet Ali Houshmand


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

It was 1978, I was just turning 9 years old when my mother, sister and I had to leave our home due to a revolution within the country. We left for Europe where I grew up, studied, and formed my new identity. This experience taught me the concept of loss and death at a very early age. I

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