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Meet Ali


It was 1978, I was just turning 9 years old when my mother, sister and I had to leave our home due to a revolution within the country. We left for Europe where I grew up, studied, and formed my new identity. This experience taught me the concept of loss and death at a very early age. I left home again in late 1991 to travel to the United States to continue my studies at a university in Northern California. I have traveled extensively around the world, speak several languages (French, Spanish, Farsi, and of course English!), and truly enjoy learning from other cultures. I have been married for over 20 years, and have 2 children. Family is a central focus of my life. My children actually came up with the name of my private practice, as a reminder of our own family values.


I hold a Master's degree in Counseling with a focus on family and marriage. I also work with a local non-profit organization providing support to children with a parent dealing with a serious illness.


I regularly give presentations at the University of Texas Austin, Texas State University, Saint Edwards University as well as to various school districts in Central Texas, and their counseling staff.


I look forward to working with you and your family!



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

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