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Areas of Expertise


- Grief, Loss, Bereavement

- Terminal Illness (Cancer, ALS, etc...)

- Chronic Illness or Chronic Pain

- Marriage and relationship


- Separation or Divorce


- Anxiety


- Infidelity

- Parenting Support/Guidance

- Family counseling


- Life Transition

Sometimes, we just need help...


We need a place to talk, to connect, to learn, to discover and be free of judgement. We need a safe place where we can be ourselves, be vulnerable, and discuss or process challenging personal issues.  


Change is difficult and it takes courage to seek help. Whether help is needed in relationship issues, marriage counseling, anxiety, trauma, grief, learning coping skills, parenting support, family dynamic issues, divorce, chronic illness/pain, or communication issues. Seeking support is your first step towards growth and healing.

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