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"He who has a why to live, can almost bear any how."


Going Through The Motions

Euphemism Masks

Death in most families is a difficult subject to tackle. We have even come up with different terms to describe it. Often, you hear people say: "Sorry for your loss, She/he is in a better place, at least she/he is no longer suffering, or it was her/his time to go", etc... People mean well, but what these terms highlight is our own discomfort with handling mortality.

Embracing the Human 

Even the words grieving, mourning, and bereaved are misused most of the time. Knowing about our mortality is what makes us human after all. Yet ,we have devised all sorts of ways to avoid accepting it, and use the awareness of our mortality as the source of energy to help us enjoy each moment.

Going Through The Motions

Discovering The New You

Seeking support after the death of a loved one, or preparing for the death of a loved one, can be overwhelming at times. Grief therapy is about discovering our new identity, and suddenly having to redefine a future that is no longer the same after this painful experience.

Grief and loss counseling is not limited to death. Divorce, a major move, loss of physical or mental abilities, or loss of a job bring about similar emotional/physical pain needing attention.

A Message from Ali

I look forward to working with you and/or your family in navigating these challenging times.

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